Burrowing Owl Research and Conservation

This charismatic species lives in both relatively pristine and highly disturbed habitats such as agricultural areas and airports.  Oregon Wildlife Institute staff Dan Rosenberg and Jennifer Gervais have been conducting extensive research on burrowing owls in California since 1996.

We continue to work with managers and researchers to develop approaches that will improve the viability of burrowing owl populations.   OWI, in collaboration with Oregon State University,  has been at the forefront of many projects to learn more about burrowing owls in California.    View our Reports and Publications  to learn about what we have been doing to help protect Burrowing Owls.  Also see the adaptive management plans OWI staff have developed for several areas in California.


Burrowing owls are a mascot for conservation.  We highlighted the traits that make them so appealing in a VIDEO/DVD in English and Spanish.  “Going Underground” has been watched by thousands of viewers and even aired on local PBS stations.  DVDs are still available.  OWI recently completed an exciting educational video on grasslands in California, which features the burrowing owl.  View our Educational Videos page for more information.


Current and Recent Projects

Interpretation of Demographic Studies

Demographic data collected during that earlier period is still a rich information source.  OWI is continuing to analyze data and prepare publications on the population dynamics of this species.  See our latest synthesis (Rosenberg et al. 2007; 7.0 Mb pdf).

Sponsor: Bureau of Land Management, NFWF



Adaptive Management Plan

Oregon Wildlife Institute has conducted follow-up surveys on one of the previous research study areas, and updated the management plan for Naval Air Station Lemoore in California’s Central Valley.    We continue to work on conservation planning for burrowing owls.

Sponsors: Naval Air Station Lemoore, US NAVY